Bike polo in Ljubljana is celebrating two years of its existence, that’s why we collected all our silly flyers into a printed zine, that will be available on 11th of July on Caffeine Hours festival.

Flyer for tonight’s get together.
Stožice - 21:00 BPT


soon - Vienna tournament report.

stay tuned.

V sredo igramo Polo, Kolo Polo.

Stožice 21:00 BPT

Inernational Bike Polo tournament Zagreb - Report

It’s 8PM, Friday 10. May 2013, tomorrow we’re going on our first Polo tournament in Zagreb. I’d lie if I’d say we aren’t at least a bit scared of it. We all know we are going be one of the worst teams on the field and our goal is to beat the team from Zagreb coz we already played with them and we know our level of skills is quite equal.


Ok back to this Friday evening. It’s 8 PM and I’m going on a party of a friend who’s leaving for San Francisco for a Year. Jure and Marko are playing with Leachfeast on Metelkova, Rajž, Kori and Polona are there too, and I start to realize this is not good as we have to be in Zagreb at 9am next morning. Then I say to myself “Eh, at least I’m not playing tomorrow” I check the time it’s 4.20 so I open another beer and join the circle.

At 1am I decided to go home, set up alarm clock for 5am and fall asleep.

I wake up, it’s raining outside, I look at my phone, and nobody is up yet. After 20min Voxer starts to kick off, we get our shit together, guys start coming to my apartment where the start point of our trip was. We load the van, and hit the road at 7am.


Guys who were at concert last night have serious hangover and try to battle it off with some coffee and Donat, we also got a box of Club Mate from our favourite place Bi-Ko-Fe.

The tournament is about to start, adrenalin kicks in some of us need to poo. We do what we have to do, get a sandwich, drink at least one Club Mate each and get our bikes ready for bike check. Our bikes pass the check, we are satisfied.


First two teams on the court are Licitars (ZG) and PoloBears (this is us, Hangover Marko, Hangover Jure and Fixed gear Jernej)

Riders ready, on the whistle, pfffrrrrrr.

Game starts, emotions get to us, we start screaming, clapping and hitting the court wall to make some noise. And then after a minute or two we witness the glorious moment of our team The PoloBears scores the first goal of the tournament! AW YEA. The guys realise we can win the game and push harder. It’s 3-3 and 30sec left of the game. Jure scores another goal 15 sec to the finish. We won goes through our heads, we can’t believe it. We start to celebrate. A a a 15 seconds to early, Licitars sores another goal and then another and we lose 4-5.

From here on everything goes in the toilet, we lose every single game on the tournament. But we don’t mind that, guys play every game better and better, we have a good time, still some 4.20 in the pocket, box of club mate is still half full, it’s good.

Tournament continues with unbelievable flow, the organizers Bike Polo Zagreb really did their job well, extraordinary!

The afternoon group is easier, but we have already finished playing for the day and just enjoy the game.

We go to apartment of our friend Nina at 9pm with every intention to leave for the party ASAP. We didn’t make it.

The pasta we cooked and the couch we sat on were everything we needed for the day; we stay in and have an easy evening.

Sunday morning we are first on the court again, playing the best team from Saturday. We lose, we lose really badly. But we don’t mind. We have another game coming up, hoping we can at least score some goals, and we do its 2-4 at the end, we lose again but are satisfied with two goals we hit.

Since we’re not playing anymore we choose our favourite team Srčki (One got fat) form Graz and cheer for the every time they play.

Tournament goes on and soon its finale and tournament ends, it’s time to go home.

As we drive we can’t wait to go play polo as soon as possible and we make plans that we will definitely play on all tournaments close to us from now on!

3, 2, 1, POLO!



Words and photos: Andrej

Tonight we play.

Soon to follow a report on Zagreb international bike polo tournament.